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RSS Transmitter

Tigo's RSS (Rapid Shutdown System) Transmitter completes the cost-effective rapid shutdown system architecture when paired with Tigo's UL-certified TS4-F (integrated) and/or TS4-R-F (retrofitted/add-on) solutions. The RSS Transmitter sends a signal to the TS4-F units to keep PV modules connected while powered on and supplying energy. TS4-F units automatically enter rapid shutdown mode when the RSS Transmitter is switched off and resume energy production when power is restored to the RSS Transmitter. This solution complies with NEC 2014 & 2017 690.12 specifications utilizing power-line communication (PLC).

RSS Signal Detector

Tigo's RSS (Rapid Shutdown) Signal Detector is a functionality testing device for sensing the power-line communication (PLC) signal from Tigo’s RSS Transmitter to Tigo’s UL-certified TS4-F (Fire Safety) units. The RSS Signal Detector is used during installations to verify string voltage and that the TS4-F units are receiving the rapid shutdown keep-alive signal from the RSS Transmitter. This is the handheld, failsafe tool that PV installers use to confirm that PV systems are compliant with National Electric Code (NEC) 2017 690.12 rapid shutdown specifications and is compatible with SunSpec signaling. 

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